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Single direction Vibratory Plates

Single direction Vibratory Plates - APS Series (10 -13 kN)
Battery-powered vibratory plates - 100% emission-free work and energy savings of over 70%. The APS series is distinguished by its outstanding guiding characteristics. Moving and turning these vibratory plates on soil and fresh asphalt is extremely convenient and leaves behind no imprints.
Single direction Vibratory Plates - AP1850e, AP1840e
Our battery-powered vibratory plates convince with the following advantages: Energy-saving, 100% emission-free work and energy savings of over 70% open up new fields of work indoors. These vibratory plates are in no way inferior to their conventionally powered relatives in terms of performance.
Single direction Vibratory Plates - AP2560e
Our battery-powered vibratory plates enable completely emission-free work. With an operating width of 60 cm and a performance of 25 kN, our vibratory plate w/o power cable for completely emission-free work opens up a new performance category.
Single direction Vibratory Plates - WP-Premium Plates – Soil and Asphalt
Premium plates offer best-in-class components and features that set the industry standard for a variety of soil and asphalt applications.
Single direction Vibratory Plates - VP1550Aw
Light vibratory plate with simple equipment:Gasoline engine for small areas and niches.For paving stone, asphalt and soil compaction applications.