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AS50e, AS60e - Compacting emission-free: Battery-powered rammers make it possible

AS50e, AS60e
AS battery
AS Standard battery charger
AS quick charger
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AS battery
AS Standard battery charger
AS quick charger
With the battery-powered rammer, the operator works completely free of emissions. As a result, the battery-powered rammer not only is a win in soil compaction in trenches and city centers, but instead reduces the burden on operators and the environment on every construction site. Here, one battery charge is enough to complete all the work of an average workday. The battery is replaceable in a few easy steps without a tool and can be used for a variety of other construction equipment by Wacker Neuson.
  • 100% emission-free work
  • Low operating costs: 55% reduction in energy costs compared to gasoline vibratory rammers and fully maintenance-free electric motor without V-belt
  • Starts reliably in any weather and at any altitude simply at the push of a button
  • Battery suitable for all battery-operated construction equipment by Wacker Neuson.
  • Same compaction performance as that of comparable gasoline-operated vibratory rammers

"Systainer" Practical System Boxes:

In Systainer brand system boxes, the battery and the battery charger are protected from soiling and damage.
With the system boxes, both the battery as well as the battery charger can be conveniently transported.
A transport box and a charging box is available for selection:

  • Transport box:
    The transport box was UN-certified specially for Wacker Neuson and fits the battery exactly. You receive our batteries BP1000 and BP1400 with the transport box as standard. The transport box is also available separately as an accessory.
  • Charging box:
    The charging box is a quick battery charger for our batteries integrated into the Systainer and is available as an accessory.

Switching made easy:

    Our battery rammers have the proven guide bracket of the gasoline rammers.This makes the change to the zero emission rammer even easier.

1 battery – many machines

  • Due to our modular system, the same battery can be used for rammers, vibratory plates and internal vibrators.
  • With the BP1000 and BP1400 batteries, you have a choice of different performance classes - choose the right size for your construction site.
  • Batteries can be changed without tools in just a few easy steps.

Comfortable operation

  • Gone are the days of the tedious rope start: To start, just push a button!
  • Absolutely reliable starting in any weather and at any altitude.
  • Visible battery charge indicator at all times

Developed for everyday use on construction sites:

  • Our high-performance batteries were developed by us and are therefore specially designed for use on construction machinery.
  • Extremely robust housing that withstands all stresses and strains.
  • Use at operating temperatures from -10 to +50 °C
  • Full performance from the first minute of work to the last thanks to constant power output throughout the entire unloading phase.
  • One battery charge is sufficient for all work on an average working day. If necessary, the battery can be quickly recharged or exchanged for a second battery.

Unbeatably low operating costs:

  • Low energy costs: Switching from petrol to electricity saves up to 70% of energy costs, depending on the device.
  • No engine maintenance: Wacker Neuson's electric motors are completely maintenance-free.
  • If the battery and charger are already in place, you are saving money when purchasing an additional zero-emission machine
Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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