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EW65 - Wheeled excavator offers power and mobility

Wacker Neuson EW65
Wacker Neuson EW65
Wacker Neuson EW65
Wacker Neuson EW65
The wheeled excavator EW65 is highly efficient. It offers an excellent performance with a low fuel consumption at the same time. Compared with other wheeled excavators of the same weight class, it can save up to 20% of fuel. Thus, the EW65 is the right choice for a sustainable and modern city construction industry.
  • Four-wheel drive offers smooth, comfortable ride, ensure stability and allow the unit to maneuver on rough terrain
  • The three-pin bucket linkage system provides best-in-class breakout force and optimizes the bucket’s angle of rotation to keep the load secure in the bucket before dumping
  • Proportional control auxiliary hydraulics are operated by an electric valve and switch on the joystick for a smooth work with attachments
  • Independently operated front stabilizer and rear dozer blade provide very stable operation. Flat bottom dozer blade does not leave marks
  • Optimised design with an entirely tiltable cabine and a large hood allow easy daily maintenance

Different stabilizer versions

  • More stability due to the different stabilizer versions
  • Stabilizers optionally in front or rear
  • Dozer blade
  • Counterweights

Cabin - sight and operating comfort


  • Innovative solution for the optimal view –boom is offset to the right for an unobstructed view
  • Operator comfort: spacious cabin, air cushioned seat and automatic air-conditioning system
  • Innovative front windshield system: two-part windshield can be slid up and moved - rain roof position
  • LED headlights for optimal illumination
  • Rear camera for more safety when in reverse operation

Tiltable cabin:

Jog dial system

  • for excellent service access
  • Technology from the automotive sector
  • For the direct control of central functions
  • Intutive to operate


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