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Better solutions. Innovative products. Added value for the customer.

Innovative products to improve our customers processes. 
This claim is our top priority - and is the basis for the success story of Wacker Neuson. Our innovations have set standards in our markets around the world - and thus changed the way of how to built, compress, transport and work. And is the reason why we have always been steps ahead for over 160 years - which is recognized by our customers worldwide.


The first excavator from Wacker Neuson with 0% emissions
Compatec: Soil compaction made easy
The first vibratory plate with two base plates.
The first hydraulic quick-hitch system
The world’s first dumpers
The first mobile excavator
The first joystick steering system
The first rammer
The first dumper with articulated swivel joint
The first dumper with a plastic console
The first six-ton excavator
The first electric breaker
The first internal vibrator
The first infrared remote control
The first articulated trench roller.
Vertical Digging System (VDS)
The first telescopic undercarriage
The first rammer
The first reversible vibratory plate
The first articulated dumper
The first breaker with a gasoline engine.
The first rammer without a power cable.
The first internal vibrator.
The world’s first electric rammer.