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1 excavator, 2 drive systems: dual power

100% flexible.

100% sustainable 

The demand for machine concepts with low emissions, ergonomic operation or low vibrations is increasing continuously. At the same time, however, versatility in use and economic efficiency also play a major role.

The solution: dual power

The dual power concept by Wacker Neuson is the ideal combination of a sustainable machine concept with two drive options and the desire for a more versatile applicability for the contractor. 

The innovative concept functions quite simply: Wacker Neuson dual power offers a conventional diesel drive system as well as an emission-free electro-hydraulic drive system for the compact excavator 803.

The additional drive unit is an electro-hydraulic generator that is separately connectible to the excavator. The compact excavator is thus permanently suitable for indoor use as well as for conventional outdoor construction sites – a concept that pays for itself quickly.

The benefits at a glance:
  • Two drive options: Diesel and electro-hydraulic drive systems.
  • Very flexible to use.
  • Emission-free in the electro-hydraulic drive system.
  • Consistently high performance with both drive systems.
  • 360° freedom of movement on the excavator with both versions.
Two drive systems, one goal: Flexibility

The advantage over the traditional hybrid solution lies in the fact that the proven diesel drive of the compact excavator remains unchanged. The engine is not smaller or positioned differently. The dimensions and the weight of the excavator also do not change.

The compact excavator takes care of its usual work in the diesel drive system until, for example, work is lined up in a building, which requires emission-free work. To this end, the electro-hydraulic generator is placed in the building and simply connected to the undercarriage of the excavator - let the emission-free work begin. 360° freedom of movement included.

The compact excavator can move freely
within a radius of approximately 10 meters

The excavator retains its 360° freedom of movement on the revolving superstructure.