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EASY LOCK — The hydraulically activated quick-hitch system for excavators

EASY LOCK is the Wacker Neuson quick-hitch system for excavators. And quick can be emphasized here: In less than 30 seconds, attachments can be changed out with EASY LOCK and the operator does not need to get out to do it.

Sturdy setup and high quality components

  • Simple, powerful and extremely durable: EASY LOCK consists of just two parts and is made to be extremely sturdy
  • Cast steel and gas-nitrided parts guarantee optimal sliding properties and operational reliability
  • All high quality components together ensure top quality

With a simple turn, the bucket can also be used as a face shovel. Hydraulics, EASY LOCK and the attachments from Wacker Neuson are 100% coordinated with each other, which saves time and increases productivity.

Perfectly adapted to the kinematics, it also ensures that neither a collision with the lifting arm nor a material loss takes place during operation, even while at maximum dumping height.

Those who use EASY LOCK also do not need to make any concessions when it comes to power. Due to the low overall height, the shearing and breakout forces of the excavator are fully preserved.


Safety in application

The highest safety standards are met by EASY LOCK. With multiple safeguards, the two-handed operation as well as an audible signal and a locking pin visible from the cabin together ensure that nothing can go wrong when changing the attachment.

The conical form of the locking mechanism and the permanent maintenance of pressure makes the system self-clamping. Even if a hose breaks, a solid, secure and play-free connection between the fork and bucket is ensured.