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Wacker Neuson's innovative safety concept. Good for your construction site. Ideal for every operator.

1992 – The first infrared remote control with line-of-sight steering is developed for universal rollers, and later for vibratory plates too.

Infrared remote control ensures high safety levels for operators and their immediate vicinity. Therefore, the operator stands safely outside the trench, protected from vibration, dust and noise.

The primary focus of Wacker Neuson's innovative remote control technology is this:

Safer construction sites. And thanks to the sophisticated technological advances, three operators can control three machines of the same type at the same time, without interference. 

The intelligent remote control is available for different types of Wacker Neuson devices.

  • For the universal rollers RT 56 and RT 82
  • For the vibration plates DPU 7060 and DPU 130
  • For the coupling set of the DPU 100-70 

Intelligent proximity recognition sensor enhances safety:

The proximity recognition sensor reacts as soon as the machine moves within two meters of the operator and brings the device to an immediate halt. For added safety, the machine also stops all travel movement when the user lets go of the joysticks.

Transmission range25 m
Safety zone2 m
Max. transmission time of infrared remote control8 h
The large transmission range of up to 20 m with an angle of up to 45° increases user comfort.
Keeping an eye on safety:  Thanks to the innovative remote control.

The remote control with line-of-sight technology is a welcome addition to every construction site.

  • Designed for maximum safety: The machine comes to an immediate halt when the operator lets go of the remote control joysticks or comes within two meters of the device.
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to magnetic joysticks.
  • 16 set channels for optimal communication between user and device. The operator sets the channel with a simple flip of the switch.
  • Three operators can control three machines of the same type at the same time, without interference.
  • The remote control can be used and programmed for different devices. Just get in touch for more information.
  • NiMH high-performance endurance battery pack ensures long operating times.
  • The battery pack can be recharged with the charging cable while the machine is running, and without de-activating the proximity recognition sensor.
  • This complies fully with Euronorm EN 500, Part 4 - Appendix B.