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Electric Construction Machines: Our zero emission Solutions

In many construction site situations, the application of electric construction machines and construction equipment is worthwhile. For example, if you work in an urban environment. Wacker Neuson makes the “#switch” to the electric machine easy: our zero emission portfolio ranges from the battery-powered rammers to the electric wheel loaders. With this, we are making a completely emission-free construction site possible even today – without compromises in performance! Find out about our zero emission portfolio here.


The completely emission-free construction site is already a reality at Wacker Neuson.

With our comprehensive zero emission portfolio, you are already working on the construction site of tomorrow today.


Shhhh! The first construction site without engine noise.

Our zero emission products allow work on noise-sensitive locations, e.g. next to care facilities, in residential areas, or on night construction sites. Without sacrificing performance!


No direct exhaust emissions, no pollutants.

The electrically operated construction machines in our zero emission series protect operators and the areas surrounding construction sites. This means that many work steps can be carried out without any problems, even in poorly ventilated environments.


Push a button – get started!

Our zero emission equipment can be started easily at the push of a button, are intuitive to operate and work powerfully and emission-free. It’s nice that the future can be so easy!


Electric motors are particularly low maintenance and extremely efficient. Our zero emission products ensure low operating and energy costs and offer a wide spectrum of applications.

It’s worthwhile to be on the move electrically!

Discover our zero emission machines.


Electric vibratory rammer


Electric vibratory rammer


Electric vibratory rammer

AP1840e + AP1850e

Electric vibratory plate


Electric vibratory plate


Electric internal vibrator


Electric wheel loader

803 dual power

Electric excavator

Electric construction machines with the same performance

Electrically powered construction machines are still hard to find. There is a simple reason for this: designing electric construction machines with the same power and performance as conventional machines with combustion engines, is a tough technical challenge for engineers.

Our engineers have faced this mayor task and involved universities, battery manufacturers and suppliers in the development processes. The result: very compactly designed electric drives with an enormous power density.

  • Very high efficiency of electric motors: 94 to 97%.
  • The delivered energy is transmitted primarily and mostly to work force. Power loss is minimal compared to conventional machines.
  • High power density in relation to equipment size.

High potential savings and benefits in practice

Construction equipment from Wacker Neuson is meant to make your daily work life easier and provide economic benefits as well. An important point here are operating costs. This is where zero emission products pay off on a daily basis as well as over the entire life cycle of the electrical construction machine.

  • Electric motors need virtually no maintenance and have hardly any wearing parts that need periodic replacements. That means for you: reduced downtime and lower costs for spare parts and service time.
  • The total costs of ownership are significantly lower than those of conventional equipment, a large proportion of these are energy costs.
  • With zero emission e-construction machines, you are well prepared for the future and independent from fuel price development.

Just the right services for your company

If you need us, we are there: competent, fast and gladly also directly on your construction site. After all, you should be able to concentrate completely on your daily business. Even when it comes to zero-emission construction machines, you can always rely on our support and services.

  • Individual financing conditions.
  • Attractive rental offers for testing the zero emission electric machines.
  • Quick repair of electric motors.

Rechargeable battery machines: win-win for users, residents and entrepreneurs

Keeping an eye on users - that is what we at Wacker Neuson take seriously. Because they are the ones who work with our machines all day long. Exhaust emissions are a key issue here - a thing of the past with our zero emission solutions. These products comply with all emissions regulations and strict tender criteria.

  • User and local resident protection: operators and residents are both protected against exhaust fumes, and electrical construction machines are much more quiet than conventionally operated machines.
  • Open up new areas of application: With the zero emission series, you can also work indoors and in sensitive areas.
  • Environmental awareness has increased in many areas. This also applies to the construction industry, which indicates e.g. the increase in solar systems on corporate and private homes. The use of zero emission products is another environmentally friendly facet that will prevail in the future.